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Wind rushes around you. Everything is a blur. You remember the forest now. Walking. But then the ground, or wh--THUD. Nothing. Are you dead? No. Are you sure? Ow ok no you're definitely alive. It's just pitch black here. You fell. Where are you. Need to find a way--OW. Ok standing is hard. Wait what's that? A light? You inch forward, arms outstretched, feeling nothing. It's damp. The thud still echoes. Is this place...alive? No that's crazy, just calm down. Ok you feel something now. It's the light, it's getting brighter. It's so cold. You can see a little. Barely. Just silhouettes. There's an opening ahead. Need to keep going. Need to escape.

In Grotto, you find yourself trapped in a dark cave and the only way out is to feel around to reveal the world, composed  of millions of tiny dots. Grotto is a large cave that takes time to explore. We hope you can take it at your own pace and discover what awaits you in the depths. The game is best experienced using room-scale VR and a large play area. Dim or turn of the play area boundaries for a better experience,  if it is safe to do so.

Made with LÖVR

Windy_Night_02C.wav by dheming
Dark Cave Drone by Kinoton
Digging a Hole and Shovelling Soil/Dirt by Ali_6868
waving flag by AlaskaRobotics
Flapping Gloves by Sheyvan
cloth flaps 1 by exe2be
tumble_downstairs_a.wav by malexmedia
Water Dripping in Cave.wav by Sclolex
Royal sparkle whoosh centre.wav by alexkandrell
SFX_TouchToLight_2.wav by Dneproman


grotto.zip 102 MB
grotto.lovr 101 MB
grotto.apk 104 MB


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Fantastic idea! Cant wait