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A New Kind Of Match 3

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Quadra features fast-paced, addicting gameplay that tests your dexterity and challenges you to think spatially.

Rotate the game board to quickly and strategically place colored blocks as they spawn. Match 3 colors to clear them and gain points -- if a block stack reaches the center, you lose!

  • Lightning-fast gameplay
  • Meet all kinds of adorable blocks
  • Unlock powerful new super block types
  • Place blocks just right to unleash huge combos
  • Play on the go! Coming to iOS

This game contains flashing imagery. Please be cautious if you have a history of photosensitive seizures

 Super Star Power Pack

Think you've got the hang of Quadra?
Unlock the Super Star Power Pack to take things to the next level!

- Discover four new special blocks.
- Play three new challenging levels.
- Rank up on every level.

Can you keep up?


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