You’re just an ordinary kid lookin' to buy yourself a new super awesome bike. It's $500, so what do you do? You do your chores and you sell lemonade and you go to your neighbors' houses to do some yard work and raise money.

Today you're going to Mrs. Old Lady Cranshaw’s house because she can't do her own yard work -- she's too old and wrinkly. She says she’ll give you $20 if you rake the leaves in her back yard.

Sounds easy enough, but you never know what you’ll find in an old lady’s back yard.


  • WASD or Arrow keys for movement
  • Down or S to deposit money to your piggy bank while standing next to it
  • Right or D to open the store while standing next to it
  • Left, A, or Esc to close the store while standing next to it
  • Esc or P to pause
  • R to replay


  • You drop your pocket money when you die so deposit to your piggy bank often
  • Buy extra lives from the shop when needed, better safe than sorry
  • Heed the old lady's warnings!

This game was made by sophia and jocelyn for the 2018 Seattle Indies Game Jam.

All sounds were downloaded from


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Interesting take on unexpected results; I expected some skeletons in the back yard (who knows, there may yet be some I missed) but Cranshaw herself is no slouch in scaring me as good as any ghoul.

It seems a little tough to be able to get enough money to buy any extra hearts, let alone the coveted bike! The traps instantly eliminate a life and your pocket change, and there don't appear to be any clear warning signs when traps are nearby, so it seems almost entirely up to luck whether or not you'll make enough money to buy hearts to offset any unseemly circumstances. Makes me appreciate the chores of my youth in retrospect! Still, with enough patience and persistence, I might be able to get that new bike yet!